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Trauma is not the story of something that happened back then. It's the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.” Bessel van der Kolk

Hopeless – Overwhelmed…

Let’s talk about trauma. It is the trauma that seems to hover over your head like a cloud that follows you around.

Feelings of hopelessness and being overwhelmed are just below the surface.

What happened? Who hurt you? I see your pain and feel your grief as tension spikes throughout your body.

You want to withdraw from it all

Parts of the puzzle seem to be missing.

Those pieces have gone MIA.

Parts of you are hidden; you’ve been digging around in your brain trying to understand it all. But it isn’t apparent, and nothing makes sense.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re a hollow shell, looking out your eyes at the world, feeling like there’s a vast distance between you and anyone else.

At times you wonder what the point of all this is. Does it matter?

Talk to me – I get it.

There’s a bottomless abyss down there; it’s slippery as hell, and sometimes it feels like you won’t ever get back out.

But I got you; I’ve got a space for you to rest and catch your breath.

Take a moment to notice your world and the choices you have.

Step back from the chaos.

Name it, tame it, and reframe it.


Going through the grief and loss and the sadness and disappointment left by trauma is something you don’t want to do alone.

Together, we can work to help you believe in yourself again. We start by identifying the problem (name it). Then, we reduce the impact (tame it). Finally, you learn to reframe what you are feeling.

Your strength is waiting for you to claim it, own it, and run with it!

Call me…

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