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​The drama just won’t quit.

You know you’re creative, sensitive, smart, and work hard; but somehow there is a stuck place, a place that you bump up against over and over.

That stuck place causes you to feel overwhelmed.

It feels hopeless, like you’ve done everything you can, but nothing works.

You’ve read books on getting past the stuck places, you’ve thought deeply and hard, and asked questions about how to get out of it, and yet, here you are.

It feels like a never-ending spiral.

The same feelings keep coming back.

You notice that sinking feeling again.

The brain fog seems constant – the tears of frustration are exhausting.

Feeling like you’re just going through the motions drains you.

You feel like numbness has a hold on you, and it’s scary.

You long for connection.

You wish you could feel connected to the carefree self you know lives inside.

Feeling authentic and able to speak your truth seems like a distant dream.

What happened to that beautiful self?

When did you stop listening to that inner voice inside of you?

“Our deepest wishes are whispers of our authentic self. We must learn to respect them. We must learn to listen.”

– Sarah Ban Breathnach

Dealing with the same stuff is hard to endure.

“Wow, it’s hard to deal with what you’re going through.” You know it’s hard.

It hurts so much; you’ve reached the end of your endurance, and everything feels out of control.

You think, “How do I stop the drama and start listening to my heart again?”

Let me be your companion on your healing journey.

I hear you. I see what you are going through. It’s tiresome dealing with the same old issues.

My holding capacity has grown through years of practice and years of hearing women tell about the worst stories they’ve gone through. The ability to have a deep well of empathy and sensitivity to those stories results from my healing, my own story of trauma.

In counseling, I’ll sit with you, listen to your stuck places, not only with my ears but with my heart.

I offer a safe place where you will receive compassion and acceptance as you pour out the pain, the shame, and all the ways you blame and beat up on yourself.

Let it out; it’s safe with me; I can hold it. My heart is seasoned and knows how to support you and contain your pain.

Through tears, the fears will drain from your body.

My heart hears and accepts who you are, right where you are. It’s about being willing to understand that you made decisions based on the life experiences you’ve had. Those choices make sense; you’ve been coping and protecting yourself, even through the fog, the confusion, and pain.

As I hold the pain for you, you begin to feel lighter, brief whispers of hope drift into your awareness.

Quietly and surely, you begin to feel like yourself again, recreating a connection with your truth, your value, and trust in your inner self.

Reconnecting with your authentic self is the goal.

Arriving at your destination, finding that reconnection is a joyful event.

The work you put in shows. But it doesn’t happen overnight; sometimes, it takes a while to release all the pain and trauma.

You can trust me to create a safety net of compassion that allows you to explore what has meaning and discover your purpose and personal truth.

During this phase of the journey, I’ll be like a guiding companion, supporting you in finding your unique strengths and your incredible superpowers.

You will know when it is time to move on.

When your confidence has grown and you feel grounded, you’ll feel comfortable in your ability to make vital decisions. These decisions come from your values and truths, derived from a felt sense of your purpose.

You’ll have created the life you want, no longer doubting your truth, no longer second-guessing, or thinking you’re irrational.

With your superpowers and strengths, you will face each new challenge. Of course, if you feel you need a little extra support here and there, you are always welcome to come back for a refresher.

Counseling is a process for regaining strength and confidence.

If you notice, the counseling relationship goes through various phases.

As you begin the work, you’ll also notice they aren’t linear. Sometimes the pain becomes overwhelming again, or a different problem comes to light, and we go back there.

At other times, it feels like you’ve made so much progress that you’re about to take off flying with your superpowers.

Until finally, you know it’s your time to shine and to live in your authenticity and purpose.

That what I live to see. It’s a time for a huge celebration – a celebration of your resilience and power!!

Make the decision and celebrate the new you.

You’ve chosen to schedule an individual session with me. But wondering what to expect creates questions in your mind.

What exactly will work with me look like to you? How will you know that healing is happening?

These questions and more rush through your mind, and I’m happy to address as many as I can – of course, you are welcome to contact me for more information.

Please know that my goal is to help you overcome whatever is keeping you stuck. Call now and let’s get started: (520) 276-0908.

Now is a good time to get grounded and breathe.

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