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Like little lanterns floating on the waters, resources can help you through difficult patches. 

On this page, which I'll update as new resources become available, I'll have links to PDFs, videos, my podcast episodes, and more. There is also a FAQ page.

Choose a topic you'd like to explore and click on the link to download a PDF*

*These pdfs are designed for educational purposes only, not as a substitute for professional therapy

    Steps to making the life you want

    Your why, goals, day in life, morning routine, who you are!

    Butterfly Hug

    I want to offer you a little technique that I use to help people who have experienced PTSD and anxiety. It's my simplified version of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

    This is a "tapping" technique that is useful to alleviate stress and help to calm oneself during and after a stressful experience.

    Releasing the Pressure on the Vagus Nerve

    An effective exercise to access a felt and grounded sense of self, of self- agency, and to reconnect with your values and desires is to learn to release the pressure on the vagus nerve.

Goddess Archetype Code Podcast

In this podcast, we uncover truths about emotional healing & life struggles through metaphors & teachings from myths, stories, & fairy tales.

We take deep dives into Shadow work & explore the Heroine’s Journey. We uncover what has purpose and meaning for you through archetypes.Archetypes spark inner wisdom to awaken our buried creative gifts, gifts that light you up and bring you deep joy and pleasure.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”– Brené Brown

Podcast Website

Leave old patterns of low self-worth at the door as you shift into your Goddess Archetypal Code.

Re-member, re-build, re-new the “You” who loves, values, nurtures, and respects herself, who owns her voice and shares her message & vision with the world—shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE!

Enjoy interviews, my interpretations of myths and fairy tales with modern day applications. I’m influenced by the Jungian school of thought as well as current neurological concepts in counseling and therapy. Plus I bring original music and meditations for you

Enjoy all this with me, your host, Erica Randolph. the Intuitive Counselor, using story, music, and meditation to support emotional healing*

*Disclaimer, this is not intended as therapy but for educational purposes only.**original music by erika may music used with permission

Check out my YouTube channel

My YouTube channel includes interviews, stress reducing techniques, meditations, and more! 

Click on the image below to go to my youtube channel, thank you!

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