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Your life, Your experience, and Your healing.

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back.”– Plato

How can you create the life you want?

I believe you are here because you want to live the life you want and dream of!

Creating the life you want means unpacking emotional wounds and healing from them. You’re ready to do the work of uncovering emotional wounds and transforming them into the life you want to live, making the dreams you want to pursue reality, and be the person you were meant to be.

Through client-centered online counseling, my goal is to help you (re)gain a deep-seated sense of self, unshakeable confidence in yourself to make the choices to create the life that brings you contentment and joy.

You might ask, “What is client-centered therapy?” (I’m glad you did)

This modality is tailored to you – we will focus on your unique issues, problems, and needs while affirming your values, cultural background, and individual situation.

Client-centered therapy is concerned with what is topmost in your mind today. What you are feeling in the moment and how you define any problems today. Therapy focuses on the “here and now” – how do you feel now, and what do you want to do about it?

This means you are directing the focus of therapy to meet your needs. I am here to be a nonjudgmental listener, a heart-based sounding board. I will suggest methods or treatment modalities that you can choose to use for your healing journey from trauma, anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem into confidence and knowing you are in the driver’s seat.


It’s normal to want to create a life of emotional health and happiness. Often, this takes exploring ways to move beyond the limiting beliefs and traumas. To begin the healing journey, we will figure out what you want your life to look like. What does the life you are meant to live look like?

You hope against all hope that it’s possible to reconnect with your dreams – I’m here to tell you, “Yes! it’s possible, and not only possible, but it’s very real.”

Let’s discover what you want your life to look like, let’s figure out what’s keeping you from this, and let’s explore steps you can take to create that lovely life!

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It’s all about relationship!

We learn to see ourselves based on relationship. As a child, we learn who we are by how our parents or caretakers see us. This continues throughout our lifespan.

The aftermath of experiencing a destructive (narcissistic) relationship, growing up in a dysfunctional home, or being in a toxic work environment can leave you with confusing and hard-to-understand symptoms.

Unhealthy relationships can make you question who you are and what you want in life. These types of relationships, in which you’ve been cheated on, lied to, hurt emotionally and physically, and maybe you’ve been told you were lucky to have someone to love you, can leave a trail of tears and hurt.

Questions this type of relationship can make you ask are: “Who you are?” “Have I given up myself for someone else?” “What are my hopes and dreams?” “Do I really want to be here?” “What’s even the purpose of my life?” “Do I have meaning and worth?”

Eek – it’s like your brain is a merry-go-round with crazy evil clowns!

When these crazy-making questions circulate round and round in your head, anxiety, and stress build. It can become emotionally overwhelming to the point of panic attacks and depression, ending in low self-esteem and wondering what the point is. What can I even do?

Your inner wisdom knows!

“There is hope – there is healing!”

You can live the life you want!

I use online counseling and client-centered therapy to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom. Inner wisdom is your intuition. Building this muscle, this skill of listening to your intuition, is one of the keys to healing.

Intuition, what I call our “inner wisdom,” is based on the fact that our senses bring in way more information then we can consciously process. This information is processed by our “intuition” and gives us “gut feelings” about things we aren’t consciously aware that we know.

(Did you know that when we talk about a “gut feeling,” we can trust this because there are brain cells in our stomachs?!)

I use methods based on Somatic Experiencing, Music and Meditation, parts work with Internal Family Systems, and Mindsight. I honed these methods with years of working as a Trauma-Informed therapist with deeply wounded women. I’ll help you ground and trust your inner wisdom/intuition.

Together, we will create a space for deep healing. As you work with me to restore the connection to your inner wisdom/intuition, you will experience the freedom to decide based on your truth, your values in a sense of confidence. We rekindle a feeling of internal peace – just like when you were a carefree child.

It’s about intuition!

regain that sense of your true self

find peace, a sense of safety, and self-love!

access heart, mind, and body healing!

find purpose and meaning

define your hopes and dreams

design the life you want

Let’s start your journey today!

It feels like you can fly again, soaring into the possibilities and dreams that come from your heart! Like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, the restoration of your soul through the fire that burns away the pain, the disappointments, the lost dreams.

You are ready to rebuild a fulfilling life, rediscover purpose, resolve family of origin issues, and understand the dynamics of intimate partner issues, make decisions based on your values, and hold space for the life you want

Helping clients feel optimistic about their lives is my goal.

My joy, pure and simple, is to help clients make choices for a more fulfilling life (based on their standards) by accessing their intuitive or inner wisdom. How do you do this?

I help them reconnect with their bodies, guide them to lean into and work through difficult emotions, and develop a relationship with themselves as they gain self-esteem and believe in their efforts. The focus is on empowerment and helping clients move to a place where they no longer need me.

I don’t “think” in session, I flow, react, and uplift – it’s a relationship dance that requires deep presence and intuition. This approach takes improvisation in the counseling room; I’m a jazz flutist – improv is what I’m all about! I talked myself into college as a jazz flutist even though I couldn’t play the flute because I fell in love with improvisation.

It would be an honor to accompany you as you rediscover your purpose and fly into your strength.

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Clients become like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The bottom line is that I love, love, love my clients. I love them so deeply, they feel it, trust me, and open up to me. I’m cautious and do not take their trust lightly because their faith means so much to me.

It’s beautiful to honor them as they process and allow the hurting parts to disappear, and the healing begins. When this occurs, my clients learn to love themselves, clarify their values, find their strengths, gain their wings again after the fire of pain.

The image of the phoenix rising from the ashes portrays regeneration, becoming whole again, and regaining that fire for life and what is to come. Such an event helps us learn to live more fully, be more present, and have better boundaries.

Let’s talk about going on your journey to Self.

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