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 Group Counseling

Welcome to my facilitated group.

If you like guided meditations, experiential exercises, and connecting with your creativity, you’ll like my groups.

Groups are a wonderful place to explore healing and develop skills.

Interacting with others who are on the same journey of self-discovery can be super supportive.

It’s like having your accountability tribe.

In the time of COVID, attending a group is online.

Requirements for attending are a little different.

Attending a group online requires headphones and a good Internet connection.

Plus, you must gather your supplies during any experiential exercises – such as art supplies, music player, etc.

We support each other in a safe place.

Bring yourself, sit down, get comfy, and let’s support and receive support from other women.

We create a safe place together as we light a candle and settle into our breath. While creating a shared breath, a shared sense of space, and a shared safe setting, we gain awareness of our bodies and thoughts, our inner worlds.

You can go as deep as you feel comfortable. There are no expectations or requirements; this is a shelter for you.

Imagine a circle of women who come together to uplift, encourage, and support each other. We do this each week, each time we meet

Group counseling is a journey of healing.

I love facilitating groups. It is deeply satisfying to help each woman feel heard in a broader context than in individual therapy.

Groups are a fantastic way to supplement individual therapy.

Participating in a group with other women who are also on a healing journey into authenticity, personal meaning, and truth brings awareness you may never have thought of on your own.

Current Group Offerings

Being connected is empowering.

Group counseling provides an opportunity to experience a connection with others.

Making a connection in a protected atmosphere builds your capacity to connect with your inner truth and your sense of agency of being empowered and strong.

The group is a space to practice speaking authentically and gaining the skills to be vulnerable, which is the cornerstone of courage and being in your superpower!

Erica Randolph MA LPCC

Current Group Offerings

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