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 Online Counseling 

Virtual counseling is a valid alternative to in-person meetings.

So much of what we do today, especially due to COVID-19, is online. Counseling is no different.

Online counseling has been around for a while, but now, it’s become quite the “go-to.”

There are many benefits to meeting via a telehealth platform (we’ll go into how this works below) that now many people prefer it.

Telehealth counseling offers multiple benefits.

Meeting times are more flexible, usually at more convenient times.

No commuting across town to an office is required, saving gas, time, and effort.

Being dressed comfortably is allowed, as you recline in old sweats at home.

Now you can fit a session during a lunch break due to not having to drive to an appointment.

The effectiveness of counseling is not compromised.

Studies show that online counseling is as effective as in-person sessions.

These benefits you receive make online counseling very convenient and enjoyable.

It’s surprising how deep and healing conversations are over the Internet.

Using video allows us to make eye contact, notice nuances in our voices, and feel connected.

There are a couple of essential cons.

There is the issue of confidentiality. It is essential to be in a safe and confidential location to talk freely without interrupting someone walking in on your session.

Confidentiality is relevant if you are dealing with an abusive partner/spouse. Not going to an office is suitable for privacy as no one can see your vehicle or follow you.

It may be challenging to find a place where it is private. If this is the case, being creative about when and where to meet is crucial. We can discuss your situation and brainstorm solutions for this.

An exception is if you are involved in taking care of little children. It is still preferable to meet without your children listening in, as we don’t want to burden them with issues they cannot process. You will not be present for counseling if your attention is divided.

An important consideration pertains to Internet connectivity. You can meet with me on your phone, tablet, or computer, but the connection needs to be adequate. It’s okay if the image is slightly pixilated, but the sound needs to be comfortably audible for easy conversation. It may be helpful to use headphones, which can increase confidentiality.

How do we actually “do” online counseling?

There are several options available. I use an encrypted, HIPPA compliant version of Zoom (I can explain the “why” if you are interested – it has to do with professional levels of confidentiality). I will send you an invitation to attend an online session. We both click on the link, and voila, we can see and hear each other.

If you have chosen an individual counseling session, we will begin by taking care of any necessary business, take a few breaths together, and start a session.

If you are attending a group session, we’ll take care of any business necessary, chat a bit as everyone arrives, and then begin.

Take the plunge!

Doing online counseling is fun; it’s hard work, rewarding, and offers many benefits for your life!

I look forward to chatting with you about your desire to change, grow, and be the person you want to be!

Now is a good time to get grounded and breathe.

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