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A guide for your healing journey to confidence and empowerment.

Online Therapy serving Arizona, Missouri, and   New Mexico

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You've made yourself "small"

You’ve been doing your best to fit in.

Working hard at shoving down those parts that don’t seem to be appreciated,

especially the inconvenient parts, the parts that embarrass, get angry, depressed or sad.

But also the parts that are your joy, your strength, your creativity!

These parts have been relegated to the shadow.

It feels like the “Dark Night of the Soul”

The emptiness deepens and the hole is dark, it’s a mystery how to get out.

You want to figure it out, but the thought nags, “what’s the use?”

And even more importantly, you’re missing those parts that vanished.

The parts that are left are frustrated and tired.

The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey takes you into the labyrinth of emotional healing.

We’ll explore mythologies and archetypes of Goddesses and teachings from fairy tales.

Using Jungian concepts of “archetypes”, “shadow work”, the “collective unconscious”, “mandalas”

I’ll guide you to your personal heroine’s journey

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It’s time to reclaim your truth, your sense of joy and break out of living SMALL!

based in proven methodologies of Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, and Affirming Client-Centered Therapy

I’ll help you reconnect with what gives you purpose, confidence, and peace

as you reconnect with your inner Goddess.

You got this!

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