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Rekindle Your Joy with Therapy That Works!

Online Therapy serving Arizona, Missouri, and   New Mexico

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Your daily planner is a block of conflicts

followed by a list of things you

don’t want to do.

There’s never any time left for yourself.

Waking up, a stream of troubling news greets you as you brew your morning coffee and attempt to get a grasp on the day – the world’s falling apart.

Who’s got time to worry about that? Each day delivers more responsibilities and less time to deal with them. Your life’s become a bad dream from which you can’t wake up

There’s a never-ending series of surprise events to handle. You’re barely talking to your family.

Putting out fires at work keeps your hands full. At least you’re temporarily distracted from the toothache that you neither have the time nor money to deal with right now.

When will it end?

What do you have power over?

Reclaim your time, your truth, and your sense that you have some control. 

Work with me to discover new ways to be grounded and to reconnect with your personal power.

You’ll learn tried and true methods with my help and encouragement.

I’ll help you go deep into your own truth, your psyche, and your heart to rebuild even during this crazy-making time.

Send me an email to talk with me and we'll schedule your


Click on the link below to send me an email and I'll reply as quickly as I can. 

Please include your phone number if you'd like me to call you. 

I look forward to receiving your message.

Let’s spend time finding you again.

You’ll learn a suite of effective techniques based on cutting-edge research and time-tested healing methods in my practice.

Enveloped in a warm therapeutic atmosphere, you’ll benefit from a combination of Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, and Affirming Client-Centered Therapy that’ll help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

It’s time to make some space for your life and choices. Time is the one resource we never get back so let’s empower you to create your ideal life of meaning and purpose.

You got this!