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Time keeps on slipping…. distractions, worries, stress, leave you wondering what happened to the joy? I mean really, is this all there is?

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Where did the time go?

Do you ever have any time for you anymore?

Nothing is in your control, it seems like life is slipping out of control. So many things have gone wrong in the world, not least of all the pandemic.

The crazy-making events are affecting your family, your work, your health, and most importantly, the belief that you have any choices.

I want my life back

It feels like so many things are sucking time right out from under you, it never feels like you’re getting anything done. It seems like wishful thinking to expect to take time for yourself. When was the last time you felt like you could decompress?

Stress is a constant companion as well as fears and uncertainties. Even such seemingly little things like getting some fresh air, a short walk, or especially being able to spend time with friends is a struggle to do. What happened to your life? 

What do you have power over?

Reclaim your time, your truth, and your sense that you do have some control is within your reach.

Work with me to discover new ways to be grounded and to reconnect with your personal power.

You’ll learn tried and true methods with my help and encouragement.

I’ll help you go deep into your own truth, your psyche, and your heart to rebuild even during this crazy-making time.

You can take steps, even if they’re “baby steps” to reclaim your life.

Meet with me to learn new techniques, methods, modalities that will help you to access your strength, your inner wisdom, your intuition.

We will concentrate on your life and your choices, empowering you to create a life of meaning and purpose.

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